Hey Friends! The fall has been a lot of fun! 

A few of my field trips this October: 

1. Hanging with a sitter and going to her class, where I got to meet an extra special friend who drew me an extra special heart.

2. I went for a spooky walking tour, where I really impressed all my fellow walkers and showed my teachers I was a super good pupil. 

3. I Went to a super busy, fun restaurant and practiced my perfect “Go In!” 

4. Road on the Sky train like a pro! 

Some things I am working on for November: 

1. Continuing to love puddles and splashing 

2. My sit-to-stand cue 

3. Settling more when things are getting busy 

4. Not yelling at the neighbourhood doggos. 

I can’t wait to share all the lessons I learned in November! Check out my Instagram @padsbogey for live updates.

Submitted by: AH & SR