December is always a fun month full of friends, family and adventures. We kicked off the holiday season with a trip to see Vader Claus, where I absolutely killed the hour long wait in line among kids, toys, popcorn, people in costumes and other dogs.

With the holiday season comes a break from the regular puppy classes so I made sure to keep up my training while having loads of fun on the trails and at the lake.  I even took my training to a farm where I got to be fellow puppy-in-training PADS Velvet’s guest. I got to meet new puppy pals, meet big doggos called “horses”, run and play in the snow and even watched some other working dogs train for national agility trials.

Throw in a few Christmas dinners, trips to the lake for some light displays, many visits from my little people and lots of rest to let the brain rest and take in all that I experienced, and I’d have to say December was a great month!

Submitted By: Tiffany Spenard