This year keeps getting more interesting.  Last month was busy with my birthday and this month my raiser and I moved away from our life in the mountains on an acreage to a house in the suburbs with friends.  There’s two other people and two other dogs living in the house, which is giving me lots of new learning opportunities.  Being in the city has proven to give me a whole new training ground as well as trail systems to explore.

I have also started intermediate puppy classes that have me going every other week, so on the off weeks I’ve been having fun getting together with my fellow puppy-in-training and adopted sister, PADS Ocean, for some training and fun.  Aside from the move, I also attended my first ever Pet Lovers show and hung out at the PADS booth sharing some love for the day.

February was a short month but definitely didn’t fall short with lots and lots of fun, learning and adventures.  I’m sad to be seeing the snow melting away but super excited for the sunny weather to come and the new adventures that are to come with it in March!!!

Submitted By: Tiffany Spenard