This month found the staying home restrictions being eased up a bit which meant my puppy pals and I could dust off our capes and start venturing out if needed. The momma wanted to stay home as much as possible still, but the few times she needed to venture out I got to tag along again. I was quite happy to be out and about again.

This month also found me a trip to the special vet to get me some treatment on my leg. This also resulted in having some extra downtime where I spent a lot of it being goofy and perfecting my snoozle around the house.

To help keep my brain working with the extra downtime we’ve had the momma enlist our neighbour girls to come on walks with me. We call it “walk and talk with Bonnie”. The little girls just adore me and Freya and are always asking about working dogs. We take this time to work on some of my skills and the girls get some one on one time with me to ask all kinds of questions.

As June comes to an end, here’s to July bringing some fun in the sun as summertime kicks off!!!

Submitted By: Tiff Spenard