Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

May was a big month because it was the anniversary of when I came to live with my raiser.   Hard to believe it’s been one year, but looking back at all the progress I have made I can’t help but be proud!!!!

May brought three big field trips for training and fun. First up was a trip to Burnaby Village Museum with my puppy pals where we boarded an old fashioned train and I saw my first carousel.

Next, my favourite Aunty from the office invited my raiser and me to join her at the White Caps game.

At the game, they featured a video for their “Bell Outside the Box” series that my roommate and bestest puppy pal, Maya, was in!!!

Lastly – and the best trip of all – my adopted siblings Surf and Ocean and I were honoured to take part on the CKNW kids Fund Day held at Playland.  We got to share so many bum wiggles and cuddles with the kids as well as share lots of knowledge about PADS.

May also brought the sun and heat out so had many trips to the trails and ocean for some fun in the sun!!  June is right around the corner and – bowser! – is it going to be a huge month for my raiser and I as our temporary stay in the suburbs comes to an end and we get our new forever home. Make sure you check in next month to see how it’s all changing!!

Submitted By: Tiffany Spenard