Hi! I’m Brew, a 5 month old Labrador puppy-in-training. I am living with a new family now, and I have a new dog friend here named Lucy.

I have been working hard and doing very well with my loose leash walking. A LOT of dogs have their people at home this month, so there are tons of dogs on the pathways. I therefore have tough decisions to make about whether to look at Beth and eat kibbles or greet all those other dogs. Yesterday, we encountered 4 dogs ahead of me. I moved off the path and was SO good at ignoring the first 3 dogs. I just looked at Beth and ate my kibbles!

When we passed the fourth dog, however, I was not so good… Social distancing is HARD WORK, even for us dogs! I will keep at it though. Maybe soon I’ll be better at this!

I sure hope you’re all okay, but if not and you’re feeling stressed, just do what I do: lie on your bed, put your feet in the air and relax! (Or cuddle with a friend — that’s fun too!)

Submitted By: Beth Pinckston