Hello! This has been an exciting month as I turned one year old on October 26th. I went to an outdoor birthday party with my three sisters Amber, Barley, and Ginger. I wore a party hat and got a cupcake. Although I kept my hat on, I was a bit of a clown when I stole all my sisters’ hats off their heads.

This month I have been working hard learning to loose leash walk beside my friends. I have always been good when I walk alone but I just want to play when I’m beside my PADS pals. Beth has been walking with Sarala and Linen every week and I’m learning the difference between play time and work time.

There wasn’t a Halloween party this year but that didn’t stop Beth from dressing me up in a Lederhosen custom and posting my picture online. I know I’m from the beer litter but really…..

Submitted by: Beth Pinckston