Good day all, Brinks reporting in.

It’s been a month full of hospital visits and doctor appointments.  So, I have had to be on my best behaviour. We have discovered some new challenges for me to explore, namely grates.  One of the facilities had numerous grates.  Being the contemplative soul that I am, I observed it from every angle, sniffed it out, and with some gentle persuasion from Mom, learned to go over them.  She laughed and called me a brilliant boy when I decided I would rather jump over them than walk across them.

One of the hospitals I went to was a rehabilitation hospital.  There were many people there who wanted to say Hi to me.  Some people didn’t ask and just came to me.  I got super excited about that cause I just love meeting new people. Unfortunately, mom would ruin my fun and explain that I had a job to learn, and they could really help me if they ignored me.  Some people understood, but others really just needed the love.

1. Learning all about grates, such a brave boy. These grates were covering holes deep and wide.

2. Working on the under, to stay out of the way in a busy office.

3. Adventure walk, going over the very busy QEII