Brisbane August 2014 - 3Brisbane says:  “I finished off my summer right – camping in the Rockies!  I learned how to SWIM, and that is SO much fun, I couldn’t get enough of it and took the plunge several times a day!  Swimming is almost as fun as getting dried off in the sand afterwards – but my humans didn’t appreciate it when I shook off the water and the sand mixed together!   Not sure why.  Now that it’s September, I am back at work with my human every day.  She says my goals are to practice my “heels” and “sides” until I know them inside & out, backwards & forwards, and even doubled up!  (Did you know that sometimes my human says “Heel” when I am already IN a Heel?  The trick is to smile up at her and tell her she can’t fool me!)

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Paula Martin.


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