Hi everyone, Britton here!! This has been a super exciting month for me. First, I was with my sitter, who said I did really well and charmed everyone at her office. Then I got to go and meet my new raisers, and most importantly, my new brother…Beans! He is a cat. He is a little strange, and I love him a lot already (I am polite and have given him respectable space.) 

Beans and my new raisers are learning more and more about me each day. I have shown off my amazing loose-leash walking, my courage on surfaces and in tight spaces, and how cuddly and attentive I am. I have to wear my silly panties all day, so I’m having a very casual, chill month… I’m settling in very well to my new relaxed, working-from-home situation, hehe. I love it! 

I can’t wait for next month, and all the new adventures me and my raisers will go on. Stay tuned for more fun pupdates from me! Meow! (I am picking up some new slang from Beans, LOL.)

Submitted by: Levi and Ash