Oh, Hi and woof. It’s me, PADS Britton of the PADS BC Creeks Litter. I would like to woof out all the things I have been up to. First, I need to do a big AWOOO “Thank you” to Mr. Norm Ackerman for being my hooman sponsor.

A couple of weeks ago, I left my litter to seek my fame, fortune and went to live with my new hooman raisers. I was worried that I would be lonely, but I have settled in. I am getting used to living with them and their other dog, PADS Freya. I have been on the move and have been a busy puppy. I had just met my new raisers, and I had to whisk them off to do a photoshoot for PADS and Valentine’s Day with Mr. Bill Ng. Whew, it was tough sitting still and looking pretty. And woof, it was extra hard because my sister PADS Mosely was there getting her picture done too! But I got it done, had a quick play with my sister, a sniff around the parking lot and then I slept for the long drive home.

My raisers are very patient and, with PADS Freya’s help, will help me be the bestest assistance dog that I can be. Right now, I am learning to be polite and patient when I get my food. I am getting used to being in and sleeping in my kennel. My raisers gave me a comfy pad and blanket to sleep on. I like it and go in for daytime dog naps and sleep through most of the night. I am also figuring out what “Better go” means. I’m not perfect but have only had a couple of accidents.

I am quite confident, inquisitive and I like to explore and sniff things out when we go for our short walks in my neighbourhood. I like to walk alongside them and get kibble for looking at them and having a loose leash. Sometimes I go only with my raiser, and sometimes PADS Freya comes with me to keep me company. There are lots of new smells and things here for me to see and understand. My hoomans say I am growing like a weed. I was 14.7 lbs when I left my litter, and now I am 21.4 lbs!
Now I need a nap. Growing buppies need lots of snoozes. It helps makes us wise.
Britton Zzzzzz…

Submitted by: Veronica & Ross Shenard