Happy July! This month has been very interesting for me. I had a lot of new, fun experiences. And maybe a lot of visits to the vet to make sure I was in tip-top shape to possibly join the PADS breeding program. On one of my trips to the vet I even met a very special person…my original puppy raiser!! From when I was the littlest puppy ever! The vet volunteered as a breeder-caretaker and had my mom when I was born. She shared the secret that I was very small (no surprise!) and mayyybe her son’s favourite puppy of the litter. I felt very special hearing that, hehe.

Houston and I have been enjoying the warm weather. We patiently wait all day (way too hot to walk outside) and get our strolls in the evening now. It’s nice to switch up the routine (and good practice!)

Submitted by: Levi and Ash