O! M ! G! What a busy month for me. I did so many fun, interesting things! My month started with a nice bath, so I could be clean and ready to host Copper, who is another PADS puppy. We had a great time together. We practiced settling nicely, sharing toys, and went on a big walk! We both had so much fun, and I hope I get to see Copper again soon 🙂 

After that, my human grandparents visited all the way from Montreal! They took me out to dinner, where I really impressed everyone by settling quietly under the table. We went on some nice walks, including Queen Elizabeth Park. Everyone was so impressed with my manners and calm attitude the whole trip. 

I had trips to some coffee shops and to the grocery store! I was so good and didn’t even try to lick the floor in the milk aisle!! Happy March, everyone! 

I think I’m ready for a big nap now after all my fun events, haha.

Submitted by: Ash & Levi