Helloooo! Another exciting month! Did you know I have a second brother now!? Houston II is a released PADS dog and my raisers have adopted him, so that means we get to spend all day together and I already love him so much. We are both impressing our raisers with how chill we are and how good we are about settling around each other in the house and sharing our bones. It’s been an amazing learning experience for me, and I’m so happy to be living with my new friend.

We get to go on lots of exciting adventures together like the Puppy Beach! Don’t worry- I also get some alone time. This month I got to go into work and visited Atomic Studios. I spent the whole day settling at a desk, and went on a few walks in a new neighborhood. It was very cool and I’m looking forward to more office practice soon.

Submitted by: Levi and Ash