Britton has had a difficult month, being ill with giardia and going through her first heat cycle. She was quite challenged by not having her regular outings and access to the dog park for running and swimming, but after a short while, she adjusted well to shorter and more frequent walks. Britton also enjoyed a walk in Pacific Spirit Park early one morning and wanted to explore everything. We’ve also discovered that Britton is not amused by the rain – she scrunches up her eyes, trying to maintain eye contact with her handler. 

She had a dog faming moment on the last day of the month – during an afternoon walk, Britton and I assisted a lady who’d had a bad fall. A few people standing around but not once did Britton try to greet anyone or jump up to say hello, or any of the things she usually does when encountering new people. She remained calm and focused on me and the treats. She sat next to me at all times, only moving to inspect an interesting stick. Super impressive behaviour from Britton.

Submitted by: Avril and Doug Ramsey