Bronx Sep2014So I was told that I’m supposed to introduce everyone to my puppy-raiser Miranda, and since I am a very good boy (or I try to be), I do as I’m told.

Miranda and her husband, Lewis, are my people and I live with them, two other dogs and three cats. I love my dog friends and mostly ignore those snobby cats.

I get to go to University with Miranda and learn how to be a teacher … well, actually, I just use that time to catch up on my beauty sleep (it’s hard being good AND handsome).

I have a picture of me, her, and two other dogs that she raised for PADS (Brass and Ross) from Grad 2014. She tells me that she is sure I will be joining her other ‘boys’ by crossing the stage like they did in no time at all.

Submitted by our fabulous PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Miranda Turenne.