It has been a beautifully full month with Bruni. As it warms up, you will find her in slivers of sunshine or outside on the grass in the sun, merely observing the world. She particularly loves watching the mason bees buzz around near their little house and spending time with the goats. She also got visits from two special advanced dogs on weekends, Chantilly and Cobbler!

We have been amazed at how far she has come with dog distraction. For walks by the river, Bruni now checks in when she sees a dog and, for the most part, ignores them. Occasionally we allow a “go say hi,” or a “go play” and are amazed at how she can distinguish between those cues so phenomenally. We are still working on the occasions when another large breed dog lunges for her as she is less inclined to ignore those advances.

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek