Bruni had a firecracker of a December. We had the absolute joy of celebrating her second birthday and she got all of the spoils from the students at school. There was also a lot of change in store for Bruni this month as we stayed at two different houses with our in-laws. She handled this change with relative ease and was able to function well in these new environments despite the significantly more noise due to the little kids and extra people constantly around.

We also had lots of adventures. Bruni had her first flight to Kelowna and was able to settle well — she even handled the landing better than Caleb. She came to watch a lot of movies, including the new Spiderman. We are not sure how she slept through all the booms, but she did, only getting distracted by the falling popcorn (her kryptonite!). Bowling with Bruni was also a blast. And last, but not least, the snow! Bruni is a big fan and had many zoomies and self-created snowcones when she face planted!

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek