Bruno had a busy month filled with some new experiences. We began the month by heading to the local arena and watching some of the ringette tournaments. This allowed Bruno to try to settle into a new environment. Although he didn’t settle perfectly, he did lie down for an extended period of time. He was able to navigate through groups of people while maintaining his focus (mostly).

The cold weather interrupted our training for a week in the middle of the month, but we got back to it when the chinook rolled in. We have been going for long walks to practice loose leash walking and working on his focus when walking by people and other dogs. While other dogs are quite exciting, he is getting better at watching them walk by without trying to go say hi.

We ended the month by heading to the mall on Boxing Day week. It was busy and full of distractions. After a few minutes to adjust, Bruno handled everything in stride and did really well.

This month, we will focus more on having Bruno settle in the home both in his crate and loose. We will continue to go out on public outings and give more opportunities to settle.

Submitted by: Stephanie