Guess what everyone! This month I turned 1 year old! And it wasn’t just me who celebrated a birthday in April, my brother Tiller turned 3 the week before, and at the beginning of the month the Queen of the house (aka. Spice the Cat) turned 20 years young! All I can say is birthdays are awesome and I would like them to happen more often. I got a new toy and a Birthday cookie and I even got to dip my toes in the pool when the human’s pulled the cover off!

I promise it wasn’t all parties this month, I was hard at work keeping my skills sharp both in public and at puppy class. I’m still a rockstar at appointments, I accompanied the human to a dentist appointment and an in-person staff meeting at the vet clinic she works at, I’m proud to say I settled like a champ despite all the fun sounds and smells in both environments.

Looking forward to swimming and gardening season!


Submitted by: Sarah Markson