Hi Everyone! Caddy here. August was another busy month for me full of new experiences. I had my first trip to this place called “The Mall”. There were lots of different people there and interesting smells, but I kept focused on my human, even when we ran into PADS Turtle at the front entrance. I also got to check out Predator Ridge (where I saw PADS Beesley), and the village at SilverStar Mountain.

This month we went on a few shopping trips to pet friendly stores so Tiller was able to come too and show me his awesome skills. I also got to spend a couple days with my first sitter, he said I did very well and he would happily have me as a return guest (yay!).

Finally we got to enjoy another movie night with our friends at the Starlight Drive-In. All the humans said us puppies were much calmer than last meeting so that was a huge plus.

That’s it for me this month, looking forward to what September has in store.



Submitted by: Sarah Markson