At the start of this month, I got to hang out with a puppy sitter for a week. We went to the beach, a music festival, and out for meals at several different restaurants. I’m happy to report she was very impressed with how well I settle in public and extended a return invitation for whenever I want to visit again.

The other exciting thing we did this month was attend a gathering at Predator Ridge (they sponsor a PADS puppy so it’s always fun to go see them). There was a lot of talking involved and the humans were all following these little white balls around with sticks, I’m not entirely sure what they were doing but at least it was a nice day. I even saw my friend PADS Gherkin there and we managed to pose for a few pictures together without our playing.

Keeping this pupdate short and sweet so the human will let us go out and enjoy the sun (and pool)!



Submitted by: Sarah Markson