Happy December Everyone! I hope it was a good month for you regardless of what you celebrate.

This month I got to stay with one of our awesome puppy sitters for two whole weeks while mum was involved in her first theatre production since everything went crazy. I had so much fun with my sitter, we went hiking in the snow and I accompanied her to work at the courthouse a few times. It was nice to come back home though. Mum thinks I might have missed my big brother Tiller (since I kept trying to sleep on top of him).

We had a quiet Christmas with a few close family members, there were lots of good smells but I was fairly well behaved (I might have tried to lick something that got put down low but only once…). Tiller and I both got new toys and I also got a light-up collar to go with my light-up leash! Unfortunately it got really cold after Christmas so we haven’t had much of a chance to walk around and show off the new collar yet.

For New Years we all went over to our human Aunt’s house and played games. Tiller and I were on our best behaviour so we didn’t upset her little dog (he’s not very fond of big guys like us). Everyone was very happy that we were all able to settle together in the same room for the entire night (although I think all the dogs slept through the New Years Countdown).

Whatever 2022 brings I hope you can go into it with your tail wagging.

Happy New Year!

Submitted by: Sarah Markson