Hello all! 

I can’t believe how fast February flew by! The human says it’s because there are fewer days, but I think it has something to do with things finally trying to get back to (somewhat) normal. 

This month I once again accompanied my human to a few different appointments. One of the highlights was when the eye doctor (who hasn’t seen me since I was tiny) commented on how much more mature I was both is size and behaviour! Yay! 

We also tackled the big mall in Kelowna for the first time since Christmas, and I was able to settle under the table in the food court while the humans ate lunch. I didn’t even try to jump up when a little human ran over to say “Hi” to me (and I LOVE little humans…). I’m getting to be a rockstar around bigger crowds as the capacity restrictions start to lift, we went to two hockey games this month that were almost sold out, and I barely batted an eyelash. 

However, the best part about this month was the in-person one-on-one class I had with our awesome Okanagan trainer Shona. I’ve been struggling a bit with my “Roll” cue, but after half an hour with her and some dedicated homework, I can safely say I am getting to be a Roll Master! 

Until next time everyone! Caddy 

Submitted by: Sarah Markson