Well July was my first full month with my raisers. I’m having so much fun learning about new experiences and the human says I am one of the bravest puppies she’s ever met. I know “Sit” on a verbal cue now and I’m working on a lot of shaped and offered behaviours that the human say will eventually become more skills.

This month I got to go on my first boat ride with my big brother Tiller (I luvs him). It was fun having the wind blow through my ears, but it was a little bouncier than the car. I also had my first bath with my raiser. Apparently a lot of dogs aren’t big fans of bath time, but I didn’t think it was too bad (plus I got cookies). I have also been shopping a few times and attended my first in person puppy class.

It’s amazing how tiring all this learning is so I think I’ll go nap now.

Talk to you next month!


Submitted by: Sarah Markson