This month we got to spend more time in the great outdoors. I started off with a short visit with one of our fabulous PADS sitters, we went hiking and exploring downtown, and I even took her out to dinner as every gentleman should. Everyone continues to comment on how nice of an “off switch” I have in public. 

When I returned home later in the month, the raiser humans took Tiller and me to Silverstar, where we wandered around and enjoyed the views and all the pretty wildflowers. We even found some snow up there still! (I knew they were hiding it somewhere…) 

This month, we were lucky enough to have trainers Heather and Jackie out for special puppy classes. We worked on body awareness when your handler closes space. I made sure to put my best foot forward (so I wouldn’t get stepped on), and mum was very proud of how well I did.

Finally, we were able to attend one of our first big in-person events! Total Pet held their Barkinglot Party fundraiser for PADS and me, and a bunch of my Okanagan pals showed up to support them. It was very exciting to see all my friends, but I managed to keep my cool with the help of a few well-placed kibbles. I even saw a real-life superhero when PADS Service Dog Rico and his handler came by! My favourite part was the machine that made bubbles, but mum says you’re not really supposed to eat them. 

That’s all for this month. Bring on swimming pool season! 


Submitted by: Sarah Markson