October brought a bunch of opportunities to experience new things! The leaves have all started to change colour, and it is getting colder when we go for our morning and evening walks. Apparently, even though the leaves are now crunchy does not mean I get to eat them… 

A big milestone for me this month was getting to see my first hockey game. Apparently, my predecessors were regulars at the Vipers games, so I hope I make them proud. I was a little concerned with the noises at first, but mum showered me with cookies whenever the crowd cheered and the horn went off, so I was able to stay calm. Eventually, mum says I should be able to sleep at these hockey games (I might need to pack my earplugs…) 

I also got to experience some fun and spooky displays for something called Howl-O-Ween. There were lots of pumpkins and skeletons (yay, bones!), and we even met this weird guy with glowing eyes. He kept laughing and saying something about treats, and I like treats! 

Overall it was a busy month, and everyone said I did really well-taking everything in stride. Looking forward to what November brings, I wonder if I might get to find out what snow is! 

Happy Howl-O-Ween! 


Submitted by: Sarah Markson