This update is bittersweet for my human as it is the last one we get to do together, that’s right, this Cadillac is heading for new roads. I’m heading to some new raisers at the beginning of November to wait for my call to puppy university so my human can take on a new puppy-in-training.

That doesn’t mean this month wasn’t full of adventures. We started with a trip down to the waterfront in Kelowna, we saw people and dogs from all walks of life, and I even met a lake monster! I had a bit of trouble at our in-person puppy class at the park so the fact that I handled the lakefront without issue made my raiser very proud. I also got to continue building my restaurant etiquette when I took the humans out for dinner to celebrate a milestone birthday. I was told the food was excellent but they didn’t share, so I just snoozed.

I made sure the humans did their civic duty by voting in the local election. It’s always fun to see how people brighten up when I walk into the room so I made sure I was on my best behaviour. We attended a few more hockey games this month, I’m working hard on not cleaning the popcorn off the ground but it is a work in progress. I even saw one other PADS puppy at one of the games and managed to keep my cool. (YAY!)

October ended with Howl-O-Ween, due to unforeseen circumstances the human didn’t get me a costume this year but I made sure to rock my festive collar and leash and I got lots of treats for doing my “tricks”. I’m happy to report that I wasn’t bothered by any costumes we saw or by the sound of fireworks (even though they were far away), this is so important for a puppy-in-training.

Well, that’s a wrap! Wishing you a warm and cozy November as we head toward the holiday season!

 Submitted by: Sarah Markson