This has been a wonderful month!  I have learned to love the beach! Did you know there are smelly, rotten crabs you can roll in?  And areas where I can just run and run and run.  I have even learned to get more comfortable in the water, as long as I have a furry friend or two to help me.  I also seem to have had a lot of baths this month…

One of the things I have finally learned is that the command “here” is my opportunity to run as fast as I can towards someone who will give me treats, cuddles, or a toy!  I used to ignore “here” all the time, but now I am much, much better.

I like living at my new house, and I get along really well with Sasha.  Sometimes she teaches me things.  Right now she is teaching me to be super brave around the vacuum!

Submitted by PADS Volunteer Raiser Elisabeth McMillan

Cadence is all smiles as she sits on the beach in Nanaimo.