Cadence and new housemate Sasha laying on a dog bed.

Well, I am now officially an Island girl! I moved to Vancouver Island in July with my new raisers, Liz and Alan. They started to co-raise me in February, because I was so attached to raiser Tara that I got very anxious when she was out of sight. Liz is a teacher, and that meant that I got to go to a Kindergarten/grade 1 class at least once a week!  I got to help the students when they were anxious, and they did a tremendous job in helping me to get ready for my Public Access Test!

I now live with a senior dog, Sasha, who helped me to learn how to stay calm around horses, and loves to play tug with me.  There is also a cat here, who I adore, but she isn’t so excited about me.

I am also now larger than life – that’s a picture of me as a puppy on the PADS van!

You can find me on Facebook at PADS Puppy-in-Training Cadence.

Submitted by: Puppy-raiser Elisabeth Macmillan