12182903_400904310119868_6404852050614473198_o(1)This month was full of firsts, I went on my first business trip with Mom, flying 4 times in 3 days, stayed in a hotel, visited 6 of her clients and slept through most of her meetings.  I took it all in stride, and she said I was a champ.  If my future client likes to travel, I’m game — I also hope they like Westjet as much as me, they LOVED ME!!

Once I got back, I went to stay with some new friends, Andrea who is a teacher and I got to go to highschool and help some special kids. Everyone loved me there. Before I left momma bought me a bunch of new toys, toys are important for PADS pups, so we have something to play with that is ours (and we’re not tempted to play with things like shoes or socks (my favourite).  What do you think of this little collection, I was pretty pleased!!!

I found out when I came back home that I have a NEW HOME?!  We moved to a new house that’s very close to PADS, it has a big yard for me, and my comfy bed is here so I’m happy.

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