Camper attended work with me every day. I work in a multiple location hearing clinic and she was very well behaved at every location we went to. She also came with me to an outdoor health fair event and was very popular with all the seniors that attended the event. She did very well. She had her nose right in the massage therapist’s hands at first, but then settled in the corner once she knew everything was okay. We had a fun evening at Movies in the Meadows at Spruce Meadows where we set up our lawn chairs and watched an outdoor movie. She handled the crowd of people very well. Camper also came with me to a blood work appointment and to the mall to run errands. Finally, we have a cat at home and Camper was extremely patient and gentle with the cat. She wanted to be friends – which the cat was not interested in – but by the end of the week, they were happily napping and hanging out in the same room.  I was very impressed!

Submitted By: Kathryn Baigent (Puppy-Sitter)