What an eventful month it has been! It started with my birthday! That’s right, I am a whole year old now and I had all of my favourite people over to celebrate with an early birthday pawty. Then I accompanied my raiser to Toronto for her work conference for a few days. So many new things to see and do: airports, airplanes, trains, hotels, and the big city! The days were long and demanding but I took everything in stride. I did such a great job. I got to practice my loose leash walking along the busy streets of Toronto, take a picture with a very tall pointy statue, go to the Ballet, and  catch up on my naps under the table during meetings. The second half of the month has been a great opportunity to recharge, reset, and enjoy some quality time at home with the rest of my family. We are all healthy and looking at it as an opportunity to fine tune some of my training skills. I also get to have extra playtime in the backyard!

Submitted By: Kathryn Baigent