Oh, my, how time flies. August was filled with lots of activity, and training opportunities. Cela learned how to paddleboard! Well, mostly… She did enjoy some time on the board when I turned it into a kayak! She also confirmed that she does like to swim.

The following week we went on a road trip with her BFF Waffle to the Oregon coast. Access to those beaches is dog heaven, and Cela and Waffle made the most of it. This was a great opportunity to work on manners, and for Cela to practice settling in public, which she’s had some struggles with of late.

Mid-month, Cela spent a week with a new sitter which was great practice for her, and we rounded the month out with a first-time experience at the BC Lions game, including transit, and a visit to the PNE where she became a super dog… JK. She was exceptional at the PNE walking amongst the crowds, but upon visiting the barn animals, she was a little frightened by a baby cow. So we cut that visit short and went and enjoyed a concert in the amphitheatre. And now we rest!

Submitted by: Sarah