Cela eased into summer and spent the Canada Day weekend frolicking on Spanish Banks. In fact, she spent three days in July at this beach as the weather was fantastic. But it’s not all play – Cela continues to settle well at both my work and home offices and is always excited to train.

We had a trip over to Bowen Island and Cela settled very nicely into her pal Gizmo’s home (and bed!!). We’ve been practicing Cela’s ‘puppy push-ups’, ensuring she moves appropriately to and from sits, stands and downs, and now we’re working hard on both heel and side. Areas that Cela still needs to focus on are settling in public, though we had some success in July at the chiropractor’s office, and loose leash walking – she has started to pull as she can be distracted by scents. She has worked very hard on ‘keeping it together’ when coming upon other dogs, and I’m very proud of her – this is a hard one!

Submitted by: Sarah