Cello is becoming more loyal and comfortable with being around people in our family as well as others. He will now lay with us at home and in public (ie. when a child came up and asked to hug him at our daughter’s Band Concert – he was very overwhelmed and enjoyed hugging Cello). In my classroom one day, a woman was talking with another woman about the fact that her husband would soon be laid off notice.  Although she wasn’t crying she was obviously very upset.  Cello came across the room to her and leaned in to her legs which made her feel so much better. I feel that Cello is becoming so much more aware of and empathetic towards kids and adults who are feeling upset, overwhelmed, etc. When he arrived to our house in September, he was not this way at all and wouldn’t even lay beside our kids in the living room, etc.

Submitted By: Dana and Jay Stephenson