Wishing all a Very Happy New Year!

We have been enjoying Champ II’s company over the Christmas holidays. He is a great dog to have around and has been working well while out and about shopping, even during the holiday rush. We had several walks along the Parksville Boardwalk and had lots of practice trying to ignore the many large and small dogs we encountered along the way.

Our 13-year-old granddaughter spent some time with us before Christmas, and Natalie and Champ became fast friends and enjoyed romping around in the snow or sharing snuggles on the floor.

Life was not all fun, though, and we have been working with him settling on his bed when the doorbell rings, and he is doing really well with not barking or moving. That is, until someone steps inside! That is when he feels obliged to run and greet them with his tail wagging and his whole body wiggling!

His recall does leave a lot to be desired, as we found out when our son accidentally left the front door open while loading his car. Champ saw that as an opportunity to escape the confines of the house and run over to say hello to our neighbour, who was shovelling snow. He then ran into their back garden to have the “zoomies” in the fresh snow! He also exhibits some “selective hearing,”, particularly in new surroundings!

Champ is a delightful houseguest and a truly loving soul who loves to cozy up for snuggles and tickles.

He is now back with Rob, Senior Instructor, to continue his advanced training.

Advanced training location: Vancouver Island (Satellite)

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter