I’m happy to see days are getting longer and have more chances to go out and entertain in all the explosive and vibrant smells nature has to offer. Now the snow has disappeared, and I’ve had a few outings to the yard off-leash and do well going back to my raiser. However, every now and then smells distract me, which puts an end to the fun. I put my nose as high as I can and take deep breaths while outside… trying to keep as much of it with me. While inside the house, I’m more chilled and find my bed a good place just to hang out. I enjoy playing with my toys. Every couple of weeks, I get new ones… for some reason (maybe my teeth), they don’t last long. I also worked on going to bed when someone was knocking on the door. At times I can do it, but I’m still working on it.

Submitted by: Champ II