Oh boy… this month was hot! I’ve tried to stay well hydrated… It seems to be related to the Hydrant :).

I stayed with a sitter and she told me that I behaved well in public, and nicely allowed her to have an afternoon tea. I also went for walks in the forest — those beautiful smells of the forest. They were short walks, and I did enjoy them. I was told that if I don’t get distracted for those smells and walk nicely on leash, they will get longer, but oh boy, it it is hard; those beautiful smells are very hard to resist.

On the other hand, I’ve been in Costco, Walmart, Coquitlam Mall and smells there aren’t so distracting. I’ve heard “good “, “good “, “good goy” very often. I like it, I get some kibbles and keep doing what I’m doing. It seems that my raisers like it too. I also went to a vaccination facility. It was my second time visiting this place, so I was familiar with the ropes. Brought some smiles to staff and visitors as well there.

Submitted by: Carlos Celis