I’m getting used to walking with a harness instead of the collar, and I’m getting better with loose leash walks. My walks on sidewalks are getting longer. I do enjoy them, as I get to see and smell more.

I’m still getting distracted by my nose… oh boy, it is hard… those beautiful smells are very hard to resist, especially when going in the forest.

This month I had the chance to see other PADs dogs, some older, some younger. I also had a one-on-one with my raisers’ instructor, and she got to know me a bit better. I did very well walking in the mall. However, I got a bit distracted in Walmart by toys with noises… a bit scary.

I continue doing good in man-made areas: the Mall, Stores, walkways, middle of the road. I visited the very first people I met in Canada…. my first puppy sitters. I was so happy to see them!!

They did teach me to walk better on stairs and to cultivate Inner peace. See my picture for this month 🙂

Submitted by: Carlos C.