Charm is such an exuberant dog. She loves all people, all dogs and all new places!

She is very alert to sounds but has not barked at all. Charm has had a fun month with lots of walks in the PSP with her friend PADS Swift and a visit with PADS Espresso. She especially loved the snow sticking her nose in it frequently. She met lots of other dogs and loves to play but is very good at disengaging for a rocket recall! She practiced loose leash walking, duration sits and waiting at thresholds.

Charm visited Granville Island Market and was good in the Christmas crowds.

She learned to settle in church and eventually managed to sleep through most of a Carol service.

Charm found her place under the table at restaurants but liked to keep a check on surrounding activity for a while before settling and sleeping.

She got a Benebone for Christmas but is just as happy to chew on a piece of green rope that is her Dad, Zegen’s favourite!

Charm has been a delightful Christmas guest.

Advanced training location: West Coast

Submitted by: Mary & Dave, Advanced Training Sitter