I had lots of fun in April. Glossy came to stay for a few days, and we sistered. The Mummas sent me off to stay with my new sitter fren Greg for a couple of days, and I love him! I hope they send me back again. Then MummaE took me to her real office, and I met her coworkers. I had my own little red tent that I stayed in, and I was the best dog that day. 

Me and the Mummas are all Aries, and they sure ate out a lot this month, and each of them took me with them, so I squinched under quite a few tables, but no crumbs for me. I had to put up with my own boring kibs, as usual. And let me tell you, now that I have transitioned to big dog kibs, there’s a whole lot more air in my bowl than there used to be. But MummaE says I am a bit too big (I’m only 52.7 lbs) and must lose a bit. Bit of what, that’s what I’d like to know. Especially as MummaC insists on taking me to cheese shops, which is just torture. 

The Mummas have been looking at my bits and saying my heat is coming soon, but it’s only April, so it’s still very cold and wet here. 

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie