More new things! I have new jewelleries. I have a shiny new dog tag and two – count’em TWO – new collars because my neck has gotten bigger. Everything has gotten bigger now, and sometimes my legs don’t sit neatly in exactly the way I’m used to, and I sure am sleeping a lot. Oh, and I have all new teeth. So the kibz don’t fall out of my mouth so much.

Big sister Gloucester came by again for a visit and we tore up MummaC’s grass for an hour. And then I fell asleep. And I went to my first off-leash park with Mr. Roan and some other random puppy. We were in the small dogs park, but I’m 36 lbs now so I won’t be in there for long. It was lots of mad fun and I made everyone laugh. And then I fell asleep. And fun auntie AFD Summer came for another weekend of playtime. And then I fell asleep again.

I went round Home Depot with the Mummas and with Jackie and Heather and showed them how very clever I am. I didn’t like the big yellow backless stairs at all—they’re not like my stairs at home—but I rocked everything else. Then I got all dressed up and took MummaC to her downtown dentist. She was more nervous about taking me than I was about going, but we both did really well. She got her teeth cleaned and I got lots of attention, but at a distance as she kept telling everyone to ignore me. So rude. And then we went to see lots of moving pictures and flashing lights. Very loud music, but all in the name of Art. The Mummas loved it. I pretended I was bored so MummaE kept the kibz coming. I’ve got her fooled.

And now the Mummas are making a big fuss because I have decided to listen to them and do what they want. I don’t see what the big deal is, but they think it is a big thing. I just do it for the kibz.

Submitted by: Erin and Clelie