Such a month, frenz. Snows and rains and cold, and MummaE put silly booties on me that just glued me to the floor. But she redeemed herself a few days later and took me off to see my Glossy sister. She is bigger than me, a bit, but she still plays well. 

What else? They cut my food again, and there’s no more lunch. Starving, I tell you. But slimming down a bit. Although they haven’t cut down their own food. They keep dragging me out with them to eat with their friends, but no food for me. 

I did lose my head this month. We live near a magic labyrinth, and when I walked it one time, it started to swallow me up. Scary. But I’m all better now. My head is nearly normal again.

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie