MummaE came back! She was away far too long. But now she is back, and she is exciting! Not like these boring cats and boring MummaC. Except when I’m with MummaE, and then she is boring, and I’m sure MummaC and the cats are having a party without me.

Rabbie Buns got wet on his special day. I was doing GoFindIt for MummaC, and she threw him in my water bowl. He was wet, and I was sad, and no one had any haggis. But look how chill I am, with my Roomba and my Luna. Chill is my new thing.

MummaE has been tickling my sides and asking how many Christmas Cookies were in my stocking…rude. These Mummas are just never satisfied. First, they say I am petite, and then they say I am un petite. Anyway, she has done a decree. I will be petite again by my first birthday. They are both dragging me out into wind and rain. And my meals. I’ve been saying they never feed me, now they really never feed me. MummaE is a meanie. She is no longer exciting.

Submitted by: Clelie and Erin