July was all socialization, my frenz. I went to the farmers market three times, where I eventually learned to ignore dogs and children a bit more. The first time we went with a regular working guide dog, and then we all went back to her place for some play and madness. 

I went to spend time with my fren Greg twice, and I went to Jericho and Spanish Banks but only as a regular doggo as MummaC left my officialness at home. My mummas sure have a lot of frenz of their own, and I am a huge hit with all of them. We took the Seabus to eat at my very own restaurant, The Cheshire Cheese, then more restaurants and more frenz too. 

Most important, though, I went to two more in-person puppy classes. For one of them, my very own Glossy-sister was the next dog to me, and we almost ignored each other. I am learning to be a bit more grownup, the mummas say. 

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie