My first month away from my gang has been very exciting. I have two of everything. I have two houses and two mothers, and one of my mothers has two cats, who are therefore also my cats, because everything is MINE! But my cats don’t like me very much yet.

When I left home, I was only very little, just 18lbs, but now I am 27 lbs, and expanding every day. My favourite thing is eating. I’ve been out to several stores with lots of nice smells (not allowed to investigate the smells or eat any of the crumbs), and around our block to visit my community garden (not allowed to eat the wood chips) and my ravine (not allowed to eat anything interesting there either). I’m never allowed to eat anything interesting. But every time I go out, everyone in the whole world loves me, and I love them more. I’m not allowed to bounce at them, but I am learning to sit nicely to say hello, even if I mostly forget.

My big sis Gloucester came to stay for three days and we played bitey face for ever. Then when she left, everything got very hot, and I crashed. I have a cooling mat, but as I like to chew it, I don’t get to use it very much. So I lay down on the concrete floor of one of my houses and got ice cubes to keep me cool. My mothers say I am finding my off switch, but I don’t think that can be right, because really me and my teeth are ON all the time so that I can explore the whole world, which I think is really also MINE.

Submitted by: Clelie & Erin