My whole month was about new and old frens. Human and dog and cat frens. I went with MummaE to MummaC’s concert. There was a lot of singing, but there was also a man in a skirt who blew into pipes that whined really, really loud. MummaE fed me lots of kibs, and I was very good. And everyone loved me. So I won all round. I went to see my good fren Greg and my new fren Fanny, and then I went to a real puppy class with my real puppers. I’ve seen them all lots on the little screen, but seeing them in the actual fur was soooo exciting that I just couldn’t contain myself! Also, this month, old uncle Clyde next door came right up to the fence to say hello for a change. And Luna let me watch birds with her in her special spot. And then, to end it all, I went to a farmers market with a seeing-eye dog and then I went to her house to play with her and her retired sister. And then I slept for four whole hours. Soo exciting.

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie