I have a new accessory. It’s red and it rubs my lovely nose, but the mummas make me wear it when I’m out walking nicely with them.
MummaC took me to CapU to be a model subject for operant conditioning. All the students adored me, of course, but I still wasn’t allowed to say hello and get cuddles. But I did get kibs for being so good.

I watched PadsGrad with MummaE. We saw pics of big sis Dory and Mumma Devon. MummaE suddenly got the PADS Cold but was all better after Grad ended. I guess I just don’t understand viruses; I didn’t know they could be spread over the internet. Oh well, I am just still learning.

And then we went to The Ocean! Both Mummas and me, all packed up in the car. I went on a ferry, I jumped in waves for the first time, and I got very wet both in the rain and in the water. MummaE even made me sit in wet sand before saying hello to new dogs on the beach. Then she hosed my feet and my bum with cold water. I was already wet. Rude.

After the ocean we went to get some food. I sat nicely by MummaE while she shopped, and I completely ignored the very handsome boi bouncing at me just outside the door. Well, almost completely.

Submitted by: Erin and Clelie