Frens, I’m wearing hand-me-downs. It’s very sad. I had a sore spot, so the Mummas borrowed a very floppy collar for a day, and I couldn’t lick my bits. I’m growing too fast, and they won’t buy me my very own little raincoat. There’s been rains and big winds and lightnings and thunders. The Mummas put me in a big dog raincoat that almost covers up my whole tail. They keep looking at me to see what I think of this new noisy weather, but I just look at the kibs bag and wag the whole coat.

These Mummas go to a lot of appointments. This month I’ve taken them to chiropractors, dentists, acupuncturers, and massagers. And I did my civic duty. I made sure they got their votes counted. And everywhere I go, I get lots of treats, so that’s good, but nobody is allowed to play with me, and that’s bad. And shopping! They keep taking me to buy food, and they don’t let me have any of it. At least they keep the kibs coming.

I’m up to 40lbs now, and I barely fit into MummaE’s daytime kennel. MummaE goes into the office sometimes now, and she says I can’t go because I would give someone the sneezles. (And not the good puppy laughter kind!) So I spend even more time with the catzes, and they’re behaving better towards me now. They used to be very rude … they never barked back when I barked at them, so I gave that up. I do chase them a little still, but mostly I just stand close to them and whine. Not too close, though, as their claws are very sharp. And they’re really fast. But not as fast as me and my zoomies.

Because I’m taller now, I can reach more things. I’ve been collecting things from tables and chairs and pushing them around a bit before trading them for kibs. I even got a lick of a sandwich this month, but it wasn’t worth it because MummaC did a bark, which is very rude. And it’s rude to leave books and pens out where I can get at them but not let me play with them. MummaE says I have to learn my manners, but I think they should tidy up their houses. It’s hard enough to be a puppy without having temptations everywhere I look. And sandwiches.

Submitted by: Clelie and Erin